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Neavie’s New Wheels

November 20, 2018

Dear family and friends,

I hope everyone is well.

Some happy news to brighten your Tuesday – Neavie’s new wheels were delivered this morning! As you can see from the pics below, Neavie’s custom made buggy fits her unique body perfectly and will allow her to enjoy her time upright without the discomfort she was experiencing in her smaller buggy. Personally, I am also very excited about the new wheels as I would like to start taking Neavie running with me, we will start slowly though…only park runs for now! 

I am still so blown away by your generosity. Not only did we raise the funds for a new buggy, we have enough change to purchase a suction machine for Neavie too. Unfortunately, children with cerebral palsy often struggle to clear their airways on their own when sick and this machine will go a long way in keeping Neavie comfortable when she is under the weather.

My running buddy recovered from her ankle injury and crossed the finish line at the Winelands Marathon on Sunday like a champion. While running for Neavie has been so special for both of us, Neavie has been given strict instructions not to grow any further as the thought alone of tackling an Ultra or Comrades hurts my legs. But then again, I said something similar about running 42.2kms the first time I ran a 21.1km for her in 2016…watch this space.

Thank you again for sponsoring my run and helping this angel child get a new buggy – it makes me emotional thinking about how wonderfully this all came together.

You are all fantastic human beings!!!

God bless,

Lauren and Neavie xxx

Author: Makana Brick
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