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Properties and Use of Clay Bricks

Clay brickwork is made from selected clays that are moulded or cut into shape and red in ovens. The firing process transforms the clay into a building component with high compressive strength and excellent weathering qualities, attributes that have been exploited for millennia to build structures ranging from single-storey huts to enormous viaducts.

Clay brickwork is South Africa’s most popular load- bearing wall construction material and continues to enjoy rapid growth in its use. The use of clay brickwork is informed by extensive local and international research, manufacturing and construction experience evident in the extent and variety of clay brickwork housing across South African cities and towns.

Clay bricks are readily available, mass-produced in modern, efficient, environmentally friendly and legislated facilities around the country. Bricks most desirable acoustic and thermal properties derive from their relatively high mass. Clay bricks are affordable, require little or no maintenance, have an attractive appearance and possess high durability and load bearing capacity.

Download the overview of the properties of clay brick including thermal capacity, moisture absorption and more.

Author: Clay Brick Association
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